An Apology

I was reading through some of my old posts today and a while back while I was ranting about Catholicism I used the sentence, “Gay men entered Catholic seminaries so they would have access to alter boys to molest.”  I have many gay men friends and I was mortified when I read it.  That should NOT have said “Gay men” it should have said “Pedophiles” and I am deeply sorry if I offended anyone.


I Hate Facebook

I was on Facebook once for about a minute.  I know everyone loves it but I hated it.  Someone told me it is a way to stay connected to the outer world.  What’s an outer world? The twilight zone?  All I saw were peoples photos and comments about seeing a new hot movie, shopping at a new mall or just returning from a trip to the Bahama’s.  Hardly outer worlds.  I saw strange greetings to peoples loved ones on birthdays and anniversaries which in my humble opinion is private stuff.  I tired of pictures of kids winning soccer matches, people running marathons and new babies.  Do you really care about all this with more than a few people?  And if you did care why not meet for coffee or talk on the phone?

I said all this to someone younger than me.

“Nooooo!” she said, “you are missing the point!”

“Really?” I replied, “which point…..outer worlds?”

“It’s a really good way of keeping in touch with….” her voice trailed off.

“People you don’t want to stay in touch with?” I asked.

She blushed.

I rest my case.


I have never “reblogged” but I just loved this post so much from my friend Linda’s blog. For more on Linda see my other posts “Lovely Linda” and “Sweet Linda.”


sock in shoe

I try not to judge because people who judge me are so hurtful.  People who assume things, spread rumors and gossip are just sad and insecure.  Every human being has a cross to bear, some hurdle to overcome, and pain to endure. 

No other human being knows your entire story.  Your journey, pit falls, and experiences make you who you are.  Embrace your own beauty, even if others do not see it.  The good people will love you for who you are, keep them close.

We are all such fragile beings.  We all make mistakes.  We all deserve to be forgiven and go on with our lives learning lesson after lesson as we age.  It is a constant.

The punishers are people who deem it their job to make you pay for your sins for eternity.  No one on this Earth has a right to punish anyone else for mistakes.  I…

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On Gorillas and God (A Little Risk Maybe But I Don’t Care)

In response to a comment on my last post, I thought this should be out there. Thanks my friends.

Thank you, Lisa. Beautiful comment. And yes, in my STRONG opinion there is no conflict between evolution and God. Some higher power/being/God/Universe obviously orchestrated this entire life thing we are living/humans AND animals….this could not be a random mistake. From an animal standpoint there is so much intense beauty, a Mandrill’s colorful face when she looks at her little baby boy, Obi at the zoo while he jumps on her head with youthful enthusiasm, the gorillas playing and laughing in the rain, the penguins all lining up and standing there for so long and then jumping in the water all at the same time, the 500 pound tiger who prefers to be alone playing with a huge work out ball in the water, the cheetah and her best friend the black labrador retriever whom she has been raised with since birth and who live together now and let zoo guests see them prance and play when they are in the mood.

Why wouldn’t God allow evolution? It’s such a beautiful process. We share 98.4 percent of our DNA with gorillas yet we are not gorillas and gorillas are not human. In fact, science tells us that we had a common ancestor who we branched off from the gorillas and who is now extinct. Why would we not try to understand these beings as brothers and sisters? Why does that conflict with there being a God?

I know now that I’m REALLY messing with Texas. And I’m interested in responses. Good, bad, ugly, please.