I have never “reblogged” but I just loved this post so much from my friend Linda’s blog. For more on Linda see my other posts “Lovely Linda” and “Sweet Linda.”


sock in shoe

I try not to judge because people who judge me are so hurtful.  People who assume things, spread rumors and gossip are just sad and insecure.  Every human being has a cross to bear, some hurdle to overcome, and pain to endure. 

No other human being knows your entire story.  Your journey, pit falls, and experiences make you who you are.  Embrace your own beauty, even if others do not see it.  The good people will love you for who you are, keep them close.

We are all such fragile beings.  We all make mistakes.  We all deserve to be forgiven and go on with our lives learning lesson after lesson as we age.  It is a constant.

The punishers are people who deem it their job to make you pay for your sins for eternity.  No one on this Earth has a right to punish anyone else for mistakes.  I…

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  1. Debbie

    I love this post and it is so eloquently written. Linda, thank you. Andrea, thanks for sharing, BBFF. I need to copy and print so I can read these meaningful words many times to remind me of the human condition. I teach my son this, but sometimes I forget how fragile we are as human beings. Thanks, again, for the reminder. Deb


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