4 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Susan Christy

    Hi, Andrea! In updating my contacts list, I saw an old email from you with your blog so I went to it! Glad you’re still doing it. You’re an excellent writer! We sold our house in October and are leasing a place in McDowell Mountain Ranch while settling on our next house. BTW, love the blog on Facebook–hate it, too–say HI to Steve! Miss you and think of you all the time. Hope you both are well! Susan (and Marshall–still around too. 😉

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    • HI Susan! Great to hear from you!! Thanks for kind words about my writing…..I should post more often than I do, but whatever. I think of you all the time, too. We are, for the most part, well. Still watching Steve’s situation closely and not quite where we want it to be. Except for anxiety about that, I’m doing great. Miss you!!!


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