Text to a Deceased Beloved

Dad, Shelly, I’m quite sure no one will ever see this because it is text to your phone and who knows where someone who dies phone goes?  Those are the questions I’m haunted with in the last few days.  I didn’t know how else to send you a message except this way; telling of our times, trying to process, get it off my heart, I guess it could have been prayer but you know, technology…..blogs…..I did prayer too, just FYI, hehe.

You died Wednesday morning and it is now Saturday evening.  I feel the need to tell you, even if you never see this, and even if no one else sees this how much you did for me, how much you meant to me, how amazingly there you were for me first as a mentor in the business world 30 years ago and later as a surrogate father.  I know why I wasn’t invited to your wedding to Myra and I know why I have not been informed about the funeral.  It’s okay.  I was and am a weird threat to a couple of your five biological kids and I get that.

Your soul has moved on and I don’t need the formalities.  Our relationship was one of the most beautiful things in my life.  You helped me in ways that could never be understood by others.  In fact, our innocent father/daughter platonic relationship has of course been misunderstood. I don’t care.  You were amazing to me and THEN you set me up on a blind date in the old days before internet dating with my husband of 20 years now and my soulmate, Steve.  I love you so much, Dad, and I will NOT say rest
in peace.

DON’T! Don’t rest!  Continue to do the amazing work you do to help people learn and grow like you did in this life.  l say continue on your journey with joy and I’ll SEE you when I get there!  All my deepest love.  Andy

6 thoughts on “Text to a Deceased Beloved

  1. lolonin

    Oh!! That’s beautiful An.
    Rest In Peace???? Sure, bliss out in all enveloping ecstasy for a moment/a million earth years, and then yes, get back to your angel duties.
    I’m so happy my angel sister Andrea got to have an angel father after two really shitty ones.

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