Be Strong AND Courageous!!

The part of town I live in is called Preston Hollow. People here love to put signs in their front yards. You’ll see signs advertising the birth of a baby with the name and birth stats. Then of course they’ll be another sign saying “And big brother, Kyle!!!” so they don’t piss off the older kid by giving the baby all the attention and signs. I’ve seen a sign in front yards that says, “Mad For Plaid!” I had to ask Steve about that one and it’s about a local high school with a Scotsman as its mascot. Another important one says, “NO! Not in Preston Hollow, you don’t!!” It’s an angry sign in front of every 3 or 4 homes here. Apparently there is a developer who wants to build an 8 story building here. But, it’s sounding to me like these neighbors will have nothing to do with that kind of horseplay!

Finally, the one that was everywhere when I was at my weakest when we first moved here said, “Be Strong AND Courageous!” I think it’s a bible verse because it had all those numbers and symbols at the bottom which, correct me if I’m wrong, allows you to find it in the bible if you want to read it in addition to reading it on the hundreds of signs all around the neighborhood. That sign made me angry.

“NO!!” I would scream at that sign. “I can’t be strong OR courageous right now!! I’m trying as hard as I can but I can’t!! I would if I could, okay!?!”