The President

I manage our household finances and while I’m very good at it, my husband Steve is better and I need help from time to time.  Today Steve was promoted to President of Prime lending.  I’m so proud.  Here is the link to the press release if anyone is interested.

Steve is very humble.  When we were dating seriously 20 some odd years ago he said, “You are so much smarter than me, I better get an MBA.”  And he did, while he was working full time I might add.

He got home a little early today and in the late afternoon I was working on some stuff in my home office and needed to ask him a question.

“Can you please step into my office for a moment, Mr. President?” I called.

“Yes ma’am, CEO!  We all know who is in charge here!” he replied


18 thoughts on “The President

  1. Tim Elsner

    I’m so proud of Steve. Not surprised, but thrilled one of the good guys is recognized for his considerable talents And skills…all well-earned through years of dedicated hard work…I admire his innate goodness and genuineness. If I weren’t already grown up, I’d want to be him.

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  2. Debbie

    Wow-what an amazing accomplishment for Steve. I am so happy for him and know that it is well deserved after months, years, of hard work and commitment. Now this is a President I can get behind. 😉. Congratulations, Steve.

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