Catholic? Really? How can you even do it?

I attended the Catholic Church as a young child by obviously no choice of my own.  I learned the prayers and the songs but never really knew what it all meant. It was totally confusing to me.

I went to Catholic school as a very young girl (first and second grade if I remember correctly until my parents’ violent and frightening divorce.) I recall being slapped across the face by a nun for doing something with my mouth that she thought was gum.  It wasn’t gum, it was just something weird I was doing with my mouth.

I remember a nun saying my gorgeous and amazing drawing of a birthday party could have no way been drawn by me, put huge red exes through my art, told the entire class that I was a cheater and a fraud and to steer clear of me. I was asked to stand in front of the class, hold my hands out in front of me while she bashed them with a gigantic yardstick. Nice. I was a little girl in first grade.  I never attempted to engage in art again. And my drawing was amazing for a first grader, BTW.  I may have had a talent.

I am outraged at the Catholic Church and have a hard time believing anyone can still support it.  Pedophiles entered Catholic seminaries so that they had access to young alter boys to molest.  This is now documented and it went on for years and years with high level people in the church turning a blind eye.  It makes me want to throw up and makes me wonder how anyone can remain a Catholic.

Just TODAY Cardinal George Pell, former archbishop of Sydney and Melbourne and CURRENT head of the Vatican’s Secretariat for the Economy is facing multiple charges of sexual assault on alter boys and other young men in the church.  This is an outrage!



7 thoughts on “Catholic? Really? How can you even do it?

  1. WOW! We have similar school experiences. I attended a private Catholic school almost through 8th grade when one of my younger sisters slapped a nun. We were quickly enrolled into public school. Culture shock to say the least. I have many horror stories, including one with a big metal ruler as well. The story that stands out is of a beautiful wooden yo-yo, with my name carved on it, that my grandparents brought back from Mexico for me. I cherished it and kept it in my desk. One morning it was gone. I asked the nun and she said she didn’t know where it went. At the end of the year she had an auction of all the things she had stolen out of her students desks to raise money for her summer vacation! I did not participate and was so sad when a classmate purchased my yo-yo and kept it. Despicable people! What a thing to teach children – lying and stealing for personal gain.

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  2. Lo

    That brings up horrible memories. It would be hard to believe unless I didn’t live it with you. I loved that the Art Girls’ sister slapped a nun.
    I’d like to slap that nun that x’d out your drawing. How dare she? How f—ed up!
    The whole ruler thing was barbaric. I remember being called up to have my hand hit, bravely putting out my palm when I was told to and the nun said, no no give me the back of your hand that way it will hurt.
    Who were these people?

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    • I’m afraid it’s a very angry and barbaric underground Catholic culture. It’s actually hard to believe. People do really wierd things to stay in denial because life is scary. Now, much time has gone by from when we were “hit to hurt the most” with rulers (Yardsticks, actually now that I think about it!) I’m going to change it in my verbiage above, but I still don’t know how much has changed.

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  3. GK

    Funny story: My friend Doug and I walked to school every day (public school, small town in NE Pa). Weather did not matter – sun, rain, snow – uphill both ways, etc., etc. We walked past a Catholic school on our way. Every day the nuns would have all the kids lined up on the sidewalk to march into the school. Whenever it snowed, we would stand across the street and pelt the kids in line with snowballs – they, of course, didn’t dare toss snowballs back at us because the ever-vigilant nuns were always watching. The nuns would yell at us and threaten to tell our parents – especially when an “errant” snowball or two would hit the nuns. Seemed like a lot of fun when I was in elementary school – now I kind of feel sorry for the kids forced to attend Catholic school.

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