Let Me Save Your Life

“C’mon little guy,” I said under my breath, “let me save your life…”

I love animals and I know it sounds weird but I also care about bugs, worms and lizards. I simply can’t stand it when there is any kind of critter in my house who I know will die a slow painful death if they stay in my house. They will either die from starvation, lack of water or exhaustion from frantically trying to get out of the house as some insects do. Lizards are a little more low-key than that, but boy, are they fast when you try to capture them. (Little do they know, however, of my in-depth experience from when I was 12 or 13!) All these guys need to be outside to survive and I suppose they get in my house by either flying in when the door is open or riding in on our dogs.

I cannot focus on anything else when one of them is in my house trying desperately to get out knowing it will be dead if I don’t do something about it. I know what you are thinking, How in the world does she even know these things are in her house?! How does she hear them or see them? The answer is my house is very quiet unless the dogs are going nuts about something and also very uncluttered so I probably see and hear things people with noisy, cluttered houses and closets don’t see and hear. I even save flies, I don’t think most people care about flies and I get that.

I have created a sophisticated tool kit for capturing small creatures I find in my house. Here it is:



It is a half of a manila folder and a green drinking cup that has the Masters Golf Tournament logo on it. I have no idea where this cup came from because while my husband and I both enjoy golf, neither of us has ever been to the Masters. Just ask my husband; I will sometimes spend upwards of half an hour trying to save bugs, lizards and worms with my tool kit. (Well, worms don’t take that long….hehe.)

Today as I was getting ready for Pickle Ball, I was in my closet and some movement on the hardwood floor caught my eye. I didn’t have my glasses on and I’m pretty much blind without them so I ran out to get them, put them on, entered the closet just in time to see the most adorable, tiny, baby lizard run for cover. This guy was beige colored with brown dots all over him. He had the cutest face I’ve ever seen all full of the brown dots. He was no more than 3 inches long. I ran for the pantry where I keep my sophisticated tool kit and set to work. I’ll tell you, I know lizards but this one was savvy. I was throwing my hung clothes out of the closet onto the floor, I moved my Elfa organizing shelves out of there and was trying desperately to get this little sweetie pie in my green cup and out to the back yard.

No luck. The lizard was out smarting me. I was begging with him but to no avail. I was heartbroken. Finally, I had to leave for Pickle Ball and arrived half hour late.

I forgot all about it. When I got home 3 hours later sweaty and happy from the sport I adore, I took my dogs out back and sat on a chair while they pooped and peed. I suddenly remembered the adorable little lizard and my heart sunk. Maybe he’ll be slower now because he is hungry and thirsty. God, if he’s still even in there and if I can even find him, no chance, I thought.

I retrieved my tool kit and determinedly headed for the closet. The clothes were still on the floor and the Elfa shelving was still out. I knew the chances of finding this lizard were slim but OMG, there he was! Tucked into a corner and yes, a little slower than he had been earlier in the day. I chased him around a little and said a prayer and begged him quietly to let me save his life. The challenge with the sophisticated tool kit is that once you’ve got the critter trapped in it, for instance you’ve got a butterfly trapped against a wall with the cup, is that when you shimmy the manila folder against the wall to secure the capture that you don’t break a fragile wing or leg or whatever. Ya know?

Anyway, this adorable lizard made what could have been in the wild his fatal mistake but in this situation saved his life. He was tired and hungry and thirsty so for whatever reason he thought his best bet was to climb up the wall in a corner. I am SO grateful to the Master’s organization that their green cups are so cheaply made that I was able to literately bend it to the degree that was like a corner! What’s that called you smart people? A 45 degree angle? A 90 degree angle? I used to know all this crap but I just don’t care anymore. I care about saving lives.

Little guy fell into my cup and I covered it with the manila part of my sophisticated tool and brought it outside. I set the little guy free in my back yard on the dirt under the foliage where he so wants and needs to be.  I saw his tiny head move from side to side. I can only imagine what his lizard joy must have been.

8 thoughts on “Let Me Save Your Life

  1. Anonymous

    ahhhhhhhh…I saved a dove a couple of weeks ago that had just cruised into my house through an open door and was flapping wildly behind the curtain of my kitchen window with poop flying everywhere (needless to say Battenburg cotton lace curtains had to be replaced)…but I caught it with a dishtowel and placed on deck railing…it was stunned but okay and I heard it the next day on the telephone line with its mate. I’ve never seen it cruise boldly around my deck since then however. Must run in the family An…I’m always saving spiders. All creature love for me ENDS with cockroaches…they must be smashed…I’m sorry…you get it.

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    • Is that you, Mom? So many people are suddenly showing up as anonymous. Great on the dove! Yes, doves are pairs for live so especially sad when one is hurt or god forbid dies. I also hate cockroaches. had way too many bad experiences growing up…..


  2. GK

    While I respect and admire your concern for Texas critters, please be aware there are a few bugs you don’t want to mess with. To name a few: brown recluse spiders, black widows, kissing bugs, scorpions. Everyone of them can treat you to a serious bite or sting that could cause serious illness. Be aware of what you are trying to corral – the life you save may be yours!

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    • Thanks George! I’m hip to black widows and scorpions as we had those in Arizona but the kissing bugs and brown recluse are new to me. You’ll have to show me what they look like so I don’t spend half an hour saving their life while they take mine……


  3. No, there is nothing anonymous about me except we both save spiders. Can you imagine the spiders in this forest? I can have 3 generations in one corner all having babies. They are harmless and not even very scary looking unless the sight of cobwebs everywhere reminds you of haunted houses. I sweep up as many as I can at a swipe in my spider catcher and escort them outside where they plan a trip back in I’m sure. Like the deer who eat all my flowers, It’s their natural habitat, not mine, so I am patient.

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  4. Laura

    Remember those very popular dust busters? Once I went over to moms and there she was sucking up all the flies in the house into the empty dust buster – then she went outside opened up the back end and shook it, all the flies flew away.
    I think it runs in the family.

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