I Hate Facebook

I was on Facebook once for about a minute.  I know everyone loves it but I hated it.  Someone told me it is a way to stay connected to the outer world.  What’s an outer world? The twilight zone?  All I saw were peoples photos and comments about seeing a new hot movie, shopping at a new mall or just returning from a trip to the Bahama’s.  Hardly outer worlds.  I saw strange greetings to peoples loved ones on birthdays and anniversaries which in my humble opinion is private stuff.  I tired of pictures of kids winning soccer matches, people running marathons and new babies.  Do you really care about all this with more than a few people?  And if you did care why not meet for coffee or talk on the phone?

I said all this to someone younger than me.

“Nooooo!” she said, “you are missing the point!”

“Really?” I replied, “which point…..outer worlds?”

“It’s a really good way of keeping in touch with….” her voice trailed off.

“People you don’t want to stay in touch with?” I asked.

She blushed.

I rest my case.


10 thoughts on “I Hate Facebook

  1. Wonderful An, I loved it. I’m supposed to be on social media to promote my art so Surya keeps me there and tells me every now and then that I have 5 new likes? I can get 5 new likes by being pleasant at the grocery store. Nobody has bought the art.

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  2. N.

    Lol! So true! The only people we ‘stay in touch with’ on Facebook are the ones we wouldn’t bother staying in touch with outside of Facebook 😂 I deleted my account a long time back

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  3. David

    What a funny and true post! I agree totally. Facebook is annoying and a maintenance headache. I tried it for a few days and said goodbye to it for good. The younger generation can’t function without it.

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    • Hi David! I understand that you have to be on social media if you are running a business, but for personal stuff I think it’s obnoxious! And no, the younger generation can’t function without it and now we have this PokemanGo so young people look more spaced out than ever!!


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