Death Too Soon

Oh my god.  In a tragic case of twisted timing, hours after I wrote the blog post telling “Nana” to go see our two beautiful baby giraffes, our youngest, Kipenzi had a freak accident and died.  It made national news so you may have seen it and thought, I hope that’s not the same baby that accidental texan was blogging about!  Kipenzi was 15 weeks old and the sweetest, most beautiful, graceful, charming baby giraffe I’ve ever met.  Her father is very gregarious and she was  typically rambunctious as baby giraffes tend to be.  Sweet girl didn’t quite know how to use her legs and neck well enough to keep up with her energy and as the giraffe herd was being shifted from the habitat yard to the barn last evening, she playfully made a sharp turn, hit her head and died instantly of a broken neck.

Because I am an insider, I recieved the news via email last night at 9:00 pm.  I don’t know if I screamed or what, but my husband was suddenly standing behind me holding my shoulders.  I had spent half hour at the end of my shift yesterday watching sweet Kipenzi and her mother peacefully roam in their habitat together and then next thing I knew the baby girl was dead.

Zoo staff and volunteers, especially the giraffe keepers, are utterly devastated.  Our CEO recognized the depth of the pain and hired grief counselors free of charge to anyone who works at the zoo, paid or unpaid.  Classy guy.

I would post pictures of Kipenzi, but I can’t look at them yet.  I’ve only just finished crying and it’s been less than 24 hours since I got the bad news.

I had this strange feeling this morning.  I saw Nana at the giraffe exhibit from a distance when I was there after my shift.  She was asking the volunteer there question after question and I could tell by her body language that her questions were about Kipenzi.  I wonder if they went together yesterday.

17 thoughts on “Death Too Soon

  1. Anonymous

    So sorry too hear about Kipenzi. How horrible. Equally horrible in tonight’s news the killing of that beautiful lion by that Dentist. He should be shot!
    Hope you feel better, but you have to face it every day when you go to work. Sorry.
    Love, Betty

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  2. Lisa

    Do you mean you saw Nana in your thoughts or was she actually there?? That would be such synchronicity and so profound if they went together. Horribly sad and devastating for that sweet baby. God.

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    • No, I woke up this morning after crying myself to sleep and saw some kind of vision, whatever you want to call it, of those two going together. It was in that stage between wake and sleep which I trust tremendously in what it’s telling me. I will never know but I wonder if Nana died right around the time Kipenzi did.

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  3. Mom

    Oh time, time time, we all go together, we wait for each other, probably at a pub. It’s sad but not tragic…it is as it is…..we need to understand that nothing is lost.

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  4. Chris

    Andrea, when we saw this on the news this morning, we knew how you would feel. So, so sad. One of my most vivid memories in life is watching some giraffe run through Nairobi National Park from a BOAC 747 on the landing pattern into Embakasi International Airport. I remember there was a baby amongst them. So graceful, so beautiful. We know your love of animals, and those from Africa in particular. While this is a sad day for the Dallas Zoo and for animal lovers, the zoo is a wonderful place where humans can learn of love and respect for the wildlife around us. Kipenzi will leave a long memory and hopefully respect for future generations who were happy to see her in her short life and love her.

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  5. David

    Very sad to hear the news about Kipenzi and about the beautiful lion in Africa. These animals are wonderful treasures and we feel the pain when we lose them. Andrea, your always beautiful love of them always shines through! ….David


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