Tom Thumb (Aging Sucks)

I was minding my own business on a glorified version of a stationery bike at the YMCA while I played Words With Friends on my iPhone. Suddenly, a very old man approached me and in a raspy voice said, “I’d like to introduce myself! I’m Tom Thumb.” That’s weird, I thought, we have a grocery store chain here in Texas called Tom Thumb and isn’t that also a character in some kind of fable or fairytale?

eduardo-teixeira-coelho-tom-thumb-upside-down-1957_i-G-53-5397-AMOJG00Z                       IMG_1191

“I’m Andrea Thompson.” I said, and put out my hand.

“You’re always in black!” he growled.

“No, that’s not accurate,” I replied, “I’m often in black but I also wear my very bright tennis tops.”

“Once!” he almost shouted, “I’ve only seen you in blinding neon pink once!” Now, I knew something peculiar was going on and while I have my allotment of fears, people don’t scare me and I try to roll with them so I just hung in there.

“Wow, sounds like you’ve been keeping a pretty close eye on me, Tom Thumb.” I said.

“Well, you’re an attractive gal; are you married?” Yeah, he is 30 some odd years older than my 56 years so to his aging eyes I probably looked ravishing even though I was wearing black.

“That’s a very nice thing to say, Tom, and yes, I am very married.” I said. He suddenly looked distant, muttered something I didn’t hear and wandered away. I went back to my Words With Friends.

A couple weeks later I was working out with my trainer Karen and Tom Thumb walked by and blurted something incoherent to her.

“That’s Tom,” she said, “he had a stroke and he doesn’t have boundaries.”

“Yeah, I noticed that,” I said quietly. I felt sad for Tom Thumb.


16 thoughts on “Tom Thumb (Aging Sucks)

  1. Lisa

    Yeah…poor Tom…he still thinks he’s a “catch”…I have some of those guys at the gym where I go…and they seem to think women our age are in their “league”…so funny….

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  2. I didn’t know a stroke would do that. I think he has probably always had boundary issues.

    I once had a guy come up to me at the gym and tell me that I never wear shorts. How is he suppossed to know exactly what my legs look like? I asked him if he was the gym “Fashion Police”. He walked away. I laughed!

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  3. Laura

    Here in northern Cal it’s the owner of the gym who has lost his boundaries.
    He’s a very old guy, fit, pushing 90 or more. I have a feeling that his children and children-in-law have made the gym (no doubt his life long kingdom) off limits. So instead he frequents a new health restaurant/food store where he walks round and round in a circle. He holds in his arms a box and inside the box is one carrot and one other random vegetable. Holding on to his box, where he has hidden some plastic forks, he samples everything from the salad bar and everything from the extensive hot bar. Then he walks a circle round the store to end up back at the food bars and begins the sampling again.
    The other day when I was paying for groceries I asked the cashier about him, he said oh yeh, that’s Mr Langerman, he walks in those circles because at the other end of the store are the dry bins; nuts, granolas, dried fruit etc.
    Getting old seems to work better in nature than in cities with gyms and grocery stores.

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  4. David

    Yeah, I remember the Tom Thumb grocery store in Dallas. Used to shop there all the time. What a funny name for the guy! What a funny story. I can’t wait to be 90, not. LOL …..David

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