Salon Lady

People raise really polite people here in Texas. There is a lot of traffic but if you turn your signal on, the car in the other lane will most likely let you in with a friendly wave, which I find shocking. And, twice I’ve seen people put their car in reverse and back up to let someone in!! I am originally from Los Angeles and this is simply unheard of.

And, everyone calls everyone else “Sir and Ma’am.” As in “Yes, Sir” and “Thank you, Ma’am.” I constantly hear parents saying to their children, “did you say ‘Thank you Ma’am’?” Or, “did you say ‘yes sir’?” It is ingrained in Texans. It is so prevalent that within a week I was saying sir and ma’am at all times. I guess it’s a Southern thing.

But around here they say this is not the South, this is Texas!

Of course, you also hear “ya’ll” everywhere. I was with an acquaintance talking to a gal at a salon and she asked me why I was laughing. I said it was because I’m so new to Dallas and that I’m just not used to hearing “ya’ll”. She was dumbfounded and said, “Well, if you are talking to more than one person, what do you say? How do you say it?”
“You guys,” I said, “We say ‘you guys’.”
“But what if they are girls?” the salon lady asked bewildered.
“It doesn’t matter,” I said, “it covers both sexes just like ya’ll.”

Ya’ll is so prevalent and I refuse to say it! The Texans say I will, though. They say it will creep into my vocabulary like chiggers sneak into your shoes! As we were leaving, the salon gal said, “Bye ya’ll.” I wondered if she was pulling my chain.

16 thoughts on “Salon Lady

  1. If you give in to the local talk at all, it’ll be for y’all, is my guess. It’s a handy word. I grew up in Michigan (you guys) and spent several decades in the SF Bay Area, but have said y’all since 9th grade when we lived in the mountains of VA for a year. 🙂 I don’t drawl it, though. It has one syllable. Yawl. (Not “yewww-aww-lll”)


  2. Lisa

    You will learn soon “Y’all y’alls”…they don’t even know they do it. That means YOU and all of those other y’alls 😉 I’m serious…I’ve lived the truly southern thing for over 28 years now. They think Californians are crazy heathens…(I’ve heard anyway).


  3. Lisa

    I’m at a feisty damn age right now…so last night I had to go to John Wayne Airport. I was at a stop light going out of airport and a guy in a BMW behind me slammed on his horn. I was patiently waiting for the maniac drivers to go by before I risked pulling out. I had had it…I SLAMMED on my horn to the guy behind me and he zoomed around me and sped ahead. Done with that rude dude. THEN…there he was again (of course) at the next stop light. He tried to cut me off and disallow me to get in the lane that I needed to get into. I felt like a drag-racer…I pulled up next to him and SLAMMED my horn and looked into his face. He of course had to save his face and pride and zoomed ahead of me, ran a red light…and that was that. Southern California BS (in contrast to Dallas courtesies?)


  4. Ann E

    You are so right about letting you go in traffic. That just doesn’t happen up north. You don’t hear horns either. I love it. I’ve said ya’ll a couple of times. It is catching.


  5. Okay this is strict on language Mom and she’s right, I do cringe on double negatives although they are required in Latin languages, and dangling participles, and the incorrect use of myself e.g. He and myself were involved in the whatever. However ‘ya’ll’ does make a point. Maybe you could say. ‘you all’ as in ‘would you all like to stop for coffee?’


  6. I say “y’all,” even though I’m not from the south or Texas, cuz it’s so convenient. But I spell it “y’all” since it’s technically a contraction of “you all”, and it’s the “ou” that’s missing.


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