Texan’s feet must hurt. Maybe it’s the boots. There is a little foot massage place on every block just like dry cleaners. I guess it’s one way I fit in around here. My feet have always hurt. I recently discovered my new favorite foot place. It’s called Ya-Ya. I have no idea what that means. My Chinese reflexology guy who speaks no English whatsoever is named Mike. Probably not really, though.

One day I was at Ya-Ya and I was laying comfortably on my chaise lounge with a washcloth over my eyes listening to the calming sound of trickling water from a charming fountain and some eastern meditation music while Mike did his magic on my feet. The woman next to me was in paradise with her own foot person. Suddenly a young gal burst in the door, yakking deafeningly on her cell phone, told the person on the other end to hang on while she announced urgently that she had an appointment at 3:30 pm and as she was getting comfortable on her chaise lounge, took up where she left off in her boisterous conversation.

I have a hard time with how utterly rude people can be with cell phones but this was preposterous. Ya-Ya is a dark, quiet, serene environment where patrons go to have a reprieve from the stresses of life. This woman was almost shouting.

I instantly sprang from a horizontal position to a vertical one and said with force, “Excuse me!! This is completely unacceptable!!”

All the Chinese reflexologists giggled nervously and dropped their eyes. The lady next to me gave me a thumbs up.

“Oh! I have to go, Roxanne. I’ll call you later,” the loud mouth said as she hung up the phone. “Uh, oh, sorry, uh, sorry….”

“Thank you,” I said. And I lay back down. (lay? layed? laid? lie? David Goldberg, help me!)

As we were paying, the woman who had been next to me thanked me for my boldness. I told her ten years ago I might have seethed quietly with my anger but as I’ve gotten older when I know in my heart it’s dead wrong, I don’t hesitate. Now, in retrospect that sounds strong AND courageous! (See my last post!)

15 thoughts on “Ya-Ya

  1. Steve

    Blah, blah, blah didn’t need a reflexology as much as a good kick in the…unfortunately even Texas isn’t big enough to contain the cell phone yackers!


  2. I think you got it right with “lay back”. Tricky that. 🙂 Present tense you lie on a sofa and lay a book down. Past tense you lay back… I think. As for the other, it was all of the above, courageous, wrapped in getting older and who gives a ****, bold, honest, too rare, and probably applauded by everyone there except Loud Moron On Phone Who Thinks The World Revolves Around Her.


  3. Lisa

    I had an experience JUST like that on Sunday!! The other women and I were ROLLING our eyes at one another but NO ONE told her to shut up!! Wasn’t on a cell phone…just at everyone around her, including her poor 8 year old-ish daughter who looked embarrassed as hell. Always LOVE your BOLD!!


  4. Laura Miles

    That was a good one! I was right with you comfortably seated on the chair in YaYa enjoying the foot massage when Ms. loudmouth came bursting in. I too, filled with appreciation when you jumped up and told her it was unacceptable. Thanks for that.

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