I Have An Attic?

I was so busy preparing for our move from Scottsdale and my husband Steve was swamped in his new position with Prime Lending in Dallas that we had to buy a house and buy it quickly. I flew out to join him here and we did it in one day. The realtor had only a few houses lined up to show us after I nixed anything over 5000 square feet. Steve wanted a new build and it’s hard to find one smaller than that in the neighborhoods we liked. So, we have a brand new, gorgeous 4800 square foot house and it’s considered modest by Dallas’ standards. The media room is so big my mom said we should put in an ice skating rink. Then later when she heard through the grapevine I really wanted an elephant she said, “Perfect! They have room for it!”

The move was beyond stressful, nervous breakdown kind of stressful. The culture shock was beyond belief and I found myself completely disoriented. Steve was working long hours and traveling so I was mostly alone dealing with dogs sick as dogs, me sick as dogs, me with 18 mosquito bites and allergies so bad I was positive I had lung cancer. Then there were the projects I was overseeing; building a pool, installing landscaping, removing a rotted out 60 foot Red Oak tree from our front yard and grinding out the roots (I decided to save money and did that one myself), planning interior design and getting the technology in the house orchestrated which, as everyone knows, is rocket science these days.


There I am taking that pesky, rotten tree down.

Anyway, one day this guy was here; I can’t remember what he was doing but it had something to do with paint.
“Where is the leftover paint?” he asked me.
“There isn’t any,” I said. “They didn’t leave extra paint, extra tiles, nothing!”
“That would be very unusual,” he said.
“I know,” I said, “I’ve owned a lot of houses and there’s always extra paint and tile. But I’ve been all through the garage and there is nothing there!”
“It wouldn’t be in the garage”, he said, “It would be in the attic.”
“I don’t have an attic,” I said.
“Yes you do,” he said, “All newer homes have attics.”
“No they don’t!” I demanded. “I’ve had several newer homes over the years and none of them have ever had attics!”

You’d think after living in the house for over two weeks I would have noticed a pull cord hanging a quarter of the way down between the ceiling and the floor from a trap door in the upstairs hallway. But I didn’t.


14 thoughts on “I Have An Attic?

  1. Yeah, that bright white door in the ceiling with the cord is really sneaky of them. Gosh, Texans! 🙂 We almost moved to Austin, once, a long time ago. They too thought everything better had to be bigger and with just the two of us it was amazing, especially since our house swap would have been from the Bay Area ($$$$$) and Austin was in a slump at the time.


  2. 4800 square feet! I can barely keep our 1600 sq ft clean and tidy. I can’t imagine going smaller. No wonder my friend who moved north from Dallas to Seattle was distressed by the lack of room in the places up here. (There were five — now seven — of them, plus three dogs and a cat.)


  3. Yes, Wendy, 4800 sq. ft. is a JOKE! Mostly only ghosts live upstairs.
    Yes Wendy and Sean the paint and tiles were in the attic!!
    That’s not really me in the tree, dude. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It was a professional tree guy!


  4. To the person who wrote a comment about moving here from Tucson; I recieved your comment, I approved it, it has not appeared on the blog and now I can’t find it in email. Wierd, but thanks for commenting!


  5. I would like to know more about you grinding out the tree stump yourself. I’ve seen that done; it’s big and heavy and noisy as all get-out. Do you own a stump grinder? Did you rent one from Home Depot? Have you done this before???

    Your posts never fail to brighten my day and make me laugh, so I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Please see the details in this post, for more details about your nomination and how to accept. (No obligation, no expectation on my part, and no rush!)


    • HAHAHAHAHA! I cannot believe ANYONE thought that was really me up in that tree. It was a 60 foot tree and I’m 55, and although I’m in very good shape physically I have had hip surgery, have low back issues and my feet hurt most of the time. That was an employee of an arborist and he had the skills and agility of a squirrel monkey! I just assumed everyone would know that was a joke.

      Are you serious about this Blog Award nomination? When you say “see details in this post” where are you referring to?


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