Random Texas Musings

When we first moved here we were driving down the main drag and I was looking at the compass on my FJ Cruiser and I said, “That’s weird, you’d think a major street like this would run North/South; this runs Northwest.”
“That’s why it’s called Northwest Highway,” Steve said.

I don’t know where they come from but after it rains there are ducks swimming in tiny, little puddles wherever they can find them. You can see them at the side of the road, in the middle of a field or in someone’s side yard. It’s so sweet the way they find what they love and need wherever they can. Do humans do that? Or, do we worry and obsess that our puddles are too little?

You see a lot of Lexus’ on the road. The people here love them because they rhyme…well, you know…

Everyone sells fried chicken. I mean everyone; even Whole Foods. In Texas, fried chicken fits squarely into the health food category. That works for me.

19 thoughts on “Random Texas Musings

  1. Do they sell ‘extra crispy’ at the KFC? On the health conscious coasts (at least when I lived there), they did away with the extra crispy. In Kentucky, heck yeah, extra crispy! (And the biscuits are better.)


  2. Tim Elsner

    Fair disclosure: native Texan commenting here…and totally love outsiders’ observations and experience! I had to smile when I read the “don’t mess with Texas” reference. It was created years ago by a very smart and successful (think Southwest Airlines clever ads) marketing strategist with the GSD&M agency in Austin, Roy Spence. Was created as part of an ad campaign originally to discourage highway litter and was (no surprise) hugely successful because it (again, no surprise) resonated with the Texas crowd. Love your musings, Andrea!


  3. Steve Thompson

    Loving husband here…North/South, Northwest Hwy…A is directionally challenged, but she always gets to where she wants to go. She’s a determined one.

    On a separate note, now that we live in TX I have to highlight how much we appreciate how friendly and courteous Texans are! People are so nice here and it’s one of the first things you notice.

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  4. Debbie

    I love your blog. And I love Texas, well Dallas, because you are there. However, because Texas always things in a big way-I’m hoping they will not extend it to Ebola. On a more positive note- I am looking forward to seeing their dramatic pumpkin displays…So creative and lovely, like you.

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    • MY BEST GIRLFRIEND FROM SCOTTSDALE!!! You will see pumpkins and I will be writing about how seriously Texans take holiday decor….kinda like you! And kinda NOT like me! Hehe. Don’t worry about Ebola….you’d have to exchange bodily fluids with the guy, right?? I mean you are a registered nurse and I am not, so correct me if I’m wrong.


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